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Green Grows helps landscapes with people problems. We use less so you can keep more. 

About Green Grows


Locally Owned and Operated

Green Grows is a relatively young company with a great deal of experience managing Florida’s diverse landscapes. Over the last 40 years, Florida’s urban landscapes have gotten more complicated and expensive to manage. We greatly simplify the process using proven cultural practices and modern technology to lessen landscape inputs such as watering, fertilizing and mowing. We combine multiple services into one monthly package to manage your small piece of Florida in the most sustainable way possible. The better the cultural practices, the fewer the inputs to maintain a healthy landscape. 

The goal is to use less water, less fertilizer, less pesticide and less labor and still have a beautiful and healthy green space.



How We Price

When it comes to pricing, we take into consideration customer expectations and budget, size of the landscape, plant varieties, and level of management. Please email or call to schedule a consultation today!


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Doing things the right way takes time. There is no "overnight" solution with landscaping. We strive for customer satisfaction however ask for patience. Meeting expectations is our number one goal. We want your grass to be green!

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